Libyan Journal of Dentistry

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Volume 1, Issue1 (August 2017)
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    01-10     Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes of Traumatized Immature   Permanent Necrotic Teeth after

                     revascularization/Revitalization Therapy

           Saoud TMA, Zaazou A, Nabil A, Moussa S,  Lin LM, Gibbs JL

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    11-17     The use of salivary glucose concentration as an indicator for glycemic control in diabetic patients in Benghazi

          Ben Saod LA, Sultan AA

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    18-25     Evaluation of anchorage technique on the adaption of partial denture framework (comparative in vitro study)

            Lefsaay AM, Elgtlawi MH, Burawi GE

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    26-33    Clinical and Histopathologic observations in a cohort of Libyan patients with Oral Lichen Planus

           Elmurtadi AM, Ingafou MSH

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    34-40    Prevalence of Teeth Replacement Options Among Partially Edentulous Libyan Patients

            El huni RM

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    41-47     Investigations of the Oral Health Status of a Group of Libyan Children and Its Relation to Home Care

           Ali FM, Huew R, Herwis K, Mohamed FH, Musrati AA

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    48-53     The Preparation Faults Manifesting As Finish Line Defects 

            Mohamed KAH 

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       Case Report

    54-56     Unilateral Talon Cusp on Primary Lateral incisor in a three-year-old Libyan Girl:  A  Case Report and

                      Literature Review

            Elmehdawi HR

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    57-61     Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumour (Clear-Cell Variant): A Case Report and Literature Review

          Hamouda SA, Musa AM, El Honi A, Elmurtadi AM

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