P 01-04     A survey about the establishment of the Libyan Journal of Dentistry (LJD)  (Edirorial)         

                  Khadiga A. H. Mohamed, , Mahfud F. Mohamed, Loai A. F. Ben Saod, ,Tarek Mohamed A. Saoud        

                      [Abstract]    [PDF]



05-12     A comparison of the effect on oral health quality life by two attachment designs used with implant

                   supported removable overdentures

                   Gamal G. Burawi, Mohammed H. Elgtlawi, Omar O. Elaogali, Mahfud F. Mohamed   

                       [Abstract]     [PDF]



13-18   Prevalence of Medical Conditions among Dental Patients in Benghazi

                  Saleh Hamouda, Huda El Mehdawi   

                      [Abstract]   [PDF]



19-21   Pilomatrixoma of the Cheek: A Case Report

                  Ashour Elhoni, Amna El Gehani 

                     [Abstract]    [PDF]



P            Oral Health Related Quality of Life Among Libyan Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study

                  Roba Idris El-Refadi, Azza SH Greiw, Khadija Herwis

                     [Abstract]    [PDF]



P            Knowledge and Practice of Diabetic Patients Attending Diabetic Clinic about Oral Health and

                Foot Care – Albyda, 2017

                   Azza SH Greiw, Halima A Ayyad

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