March 2017, Volume 1, Issue 1

March 2018, Volume 2, Issue 1  (current issue)



             A survey about the establishment of the Libyan Journal of Dentistry (LJD) 

             (P 01-04) 

             Khadiga A. H. Mohamed, Mahfud F. Mohamed, Loai A Ben Saod,

                                        Tarek Mohamed A. Saoud  


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 Original Article

              A comparison of the effect on oral health quality life by two attachment

              designs used with implant  supported removable overdentures     (05-12)

             Gamal G. Burawi, Mohammed H. Elgtlawi, Omar O. Elaogali,

                                      Mahfud F. Mohamed 


                                         [Abstract] | [PDF]


            Prevalence of Medical Conditions among Dental Patients in Benghazi


            Saleh Hamouda, Huda El Mehdawi 


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 Case Report 

                Pilomatrixoma of the Cheek: A Case Report     (19-21)

                Ashour Elhoni, Amna El Gehani 


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 Original Article


             Oral Health Related Quality of Life Among Libyan Adults:

             A Cross-Sectional Study   (P 22-26)

             Roba Idris El-Refadi, Azza SH Greiw, Khadija Herwis


                                       [Abstract] | [PDF]

       Knowledge and Practice of Diabetic Patients Attending Diabetic

       Clinic about Oral Health and Foot Care – Albyda, 2017     (P 27-35)

       Azza SH Greiw, Halima A Ayyad


                                       [Abstract] | [PDF]



              Evaluation of Time-Dependent Performance of the 2nd Year Libyan Dental

              Students       (P  36-42)

              Nuha Elkadiki, Yousef Aldebaibiabg, Samia. S. Alawjali

                                  Azza SH Greiw, Najat Bubtaina, Naeima Betamar


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 Review Article

———                       The Effect of Diabetes Mellitus on Dental Pulp Organ: A Review    (P  43-46)

———                        Ahmed A Elgendy, Nour M Besher, Suleiman M Esayah 


                                     [Abstract] | [PDF]



            Variable Morphology of Mandibular First Molar Roots and Canals

            A Literature Review     ( 47-50)

             Khadeejah S Buzaribah, Randa F Salih, Aisha G Areibi


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